Lunchtime Swim Training, starting on 29. Aug, 2022 

Interested in improving your swim stroke? If so, come join us for weekly swim training on Mondays over lunchtime at the Adliswil Swim Center.  The focus is on developing and improving swim technique with a certified swim trainer, Szilard Csoke of Swimatic (    The training block consists of 14 sessions lasting 45 minutes each.  There are two groups: 

  • the first group (12:00-12:45) focuses on the improvement of different swimming strokes (breaststroke, backstroke, and crawl/freestyle) for swimmers already able to swim for about 100m without breaks in front crawl.  Swimming distances are matched to individual capabilities. The group is not intended for absolute beginners with little prior swimming experience. Single and trial trainings are possible.  
  • The second group (12:45-13:30) is the for experienced swimmers and triathletes, who would like to train at higher intensity.  Technique, endurance and speed are the key elements of these workouts. Single and trial trainings are possible. 

When Training takes place Mondays 29. Aug - 19. Dec., except for: 

  • Knabenschiessen, 12. Sept.
  • Herbstferien, 17. Oct.  

Where:  Adliswil Hallenbad,  Talstrasse 10  8134 Adliswil

Fee:  Cost per participant: CHF 350.- Price does not include the pool entry fee.

Sign-up  Send an email to our trainer Szilard Csoke ( expressing your interest.

Information  Contact our trainer Szilard Csoke (, otherwise Amol Thakkar, with any questions and suggestions.   

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Amol Thakkar (at)